Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Mother's Day is just around the corner. A time when everyone across the country pauses to reflect on what their mothers have meant to them.

Odd, that we take only one day to do that.

Most days, mothers around the world are cooking, cleaning and providing in-house laundry service to a family that hardly ever notices. Husbands are busy with their careers during the week, or sitting in a deer stand, perched at a ball field, race track...or whatever sport strokes their fancy on the week-end.

Children are running wild, playing computer games, talking endlessly on the phone...while mom is steady at the helm of the ship, carefully watching for storms on the horizon. Maybe this is why Hallmark came up with the ridiculous saying, "God couldn't be everywhere, so He created mothers."

Actually, God IS everywhere, and the simple truth is, "Mothers can't be...try as they may."

It's no wonder that mothers often fall into the enemy's trap of believing that the qualities of being a good mother are found within the confines of the daily chores, unnoticed provisions, and endless errands provided on a non-stop basis by seemingly, "GOOD MOTHERS" all around the world.

These tasks are pretty important, no doubt. Let's face it, most fathers aren't going to get off their southern-most region long enough to see that they get done Without the endless provision of mothers, homes around the world would drown in their own filth in a matter of months. However, none of these things makes a woman a good mother.

A good mother is more than just a resident reminder service to a group of mindless dwellers. She is more than a cook, cleaning lady, and laundress. A good mother is a launching pad with a soft lap; hardheaded about discipline (compared with everyone else's mother) and soft-hearted about everything else.

She motivates her children to help them reach their full potential and praises them whenever she catches them doing something right.

A good mother gives her children more than a balanced diet and a roof over their heads. She teaches them how to feed their souls and gives them a spiritual foundation on which to build. She directs them into the right paths and prays for them when they occasionally wander off onto others.

A good mother cares how her children turn out. She doesn't wait for them to GET OUT!

Maybe God actually created mothers because He needed someone to keep every generation reminded of His presence and His eternal glory. Good mothers have been doing that for thousands of years.

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