Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The World Is Watching

The tone and implications of the words spoken by professing Christians reveal more than we could ever imagine. The world is watching and listening closely. 

Those who profess to be followers of Christ should take this into account when writing, ranting and posting across the internet, careless and judgmental comments about the 44th President of the United States.

It is okay to openly admit that you didn't vote for someone. It is okay to admit that you have concerns. Even if most of those concerns are based upon unfounded, slanderous gossip. 

However, it is never okay to slander and make childish remarks about anyone. It matters not whether that someone is lost or saved, democrat or republican. Jesus would caution us to listen more and speak less. Especially when most of what we say is divisive and destructive in nature.

The world is watching. So far, what they are learning from us for the most part, is that we're not all that different from them. We love our own kind, and speak ill of those who are different. We are quick to judge and slow to forgive. Easily angered and delayed in our repentance.

My grandfather once said, "If you don't have anything good to say...say nothing at all." 

From most of the postings I've seen from professing Christians regarding our new President, I'd say we would be served well by my grandfather's advice.

If you watch a man long enough and listen to his words closely enough...sooner or later, both will betray his heart, to the good and the bad.

May we be mindful of what we are revealing.  Be very mindful.

"The World Is Watching."

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  1. Danny:

    I appreciate the timely reminder, but I'm sure you will agree that some balance is needed in your grandpa's overall good advice.

    When Jesus called Herod "that fox" (Luke 13.32) He wasn't paying a compliment. Nor is He opposed to Christians judging, but we must "judge with righteous judgment" (John 7.24).

    Our statements should be based not on hear-say or gossip and not on personal grounds, but there is plenty by way of policy and public statements of sincere political intent (not those stupid out-of-context gafs that the pundits jump on) to cause American Christians to be concerned about our new president.

    Like you I'm sure, I hope that such concern will express itself in sincere prayer for our leaders and our nation. I believe we must also, however, continue to "speak the truth" but to be doubly careful to see that we are doing so "in love" (Eph 4.15).

    Thanks again for the admonition!
    Jim Kinnebrew